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The Lorange Network is a vibrant Community of entrepreneurs, family business and family office members, non-family executives and large private investors committed to live, share and preserve values over generations.
Value can be private wealth and assets, as well as family or leadership traditions and legacy, long-term vision, commitment to society, employees and stakeholders, that together lead firms to better performance.
The Lorange Network is a family business and sees family enterprises as an inspiring example of how business can be a force for good in society through living, sharing and preserving values over generations.
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Community -
discussion among peers

We are a growing community with over 2600 members from diverse backgrounds, countries and disciplines who share our passion for curiosity, learning and exchange.

Furthermore our Community offers a safe space for open and inspiring dialogue. Value creation and value preservation represent the common thread throughout our Community.

Our online Chat and Discussion functions, allow you to broaden your horizons with commentaries, queries and debate with our Contributors and other Members.

Our Events and Workshops complement our online activities.

Business founder Business owner CEO Serial entrepreneur Private investor Family office principal Chairman of the Board Board director
Content —
curated essentials
every week

Lorange Network anticipates current topics and trends that are important to your business. Our senior editing team is on the forefront of essential topics and also integrates suggestions from our Members and Contributors.

We offer short and succinct Take-aways of the latest management and leadership books, Profiles of CEOs and senior executives, editorials, cases and Insights.

Each Insight concludes with 3-4 critical questions to stimulate thinking and decision making for value creation and value preservation.

Our content library features new pieces per week and represents a collection of over 300 pieces.

Lorange Network’s Contributors are all personally selected by our team. They are thought leaders in their fields of academic research, business or investment practice.

Deal Wall —
co-investment opportunities

The Lorange Network Deal Wall is a space for Lorange Network Premium Members looking for co-investors to share opportunities in which they themselves are invested, with other Premium Members. These investment opportunities can cover private equity ventures, shipping, real-estate and other relevant opportunities.

Lorange Network created this space based on feedback received from its community. Furthermore, the Deal Wall supports the “learning by doing” approach, which is a fundamental principle behind the Lorange Network. The growing co-investment Deal Wall represents an additional space within the Lorange Network for more experiential or cooperative learning. Participating in a co-investment deal in a business sector, geographical market or financial structure previously unknown or little known to an investor, allows that person to absorb useful skills that can be applied to other business ventures, markets or situations.

*This is a sample only and does not represent an actual company open for co-investment.
Events —
exclusive and insightful

Our events & speakers cover topics relative to our purpose of living, sharing and preserving value. They offer high-level networking and exchange in a private and confidential setting.

Between 4 and 6 events are held annually in central locations mainly in Switzerland and Norway and take place at convenient after-work hours.

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Online Workshops —
real world, real learning

Along with Headspring, the joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School, the Lorange Network is now offering a series of practical learning workshops delivered by FT journalists.

FT journalists bring a unique perspective to each topic.

They are close to the world’s business and political leaders and know the facts before they become news, bringing real business relevance to each programme. They cover a wide range of subjects from geopolitics, finance, sustainability, leadership to diversity. With FT insight, coupled with Lorange Network perspectives, you learn to question the answers, challenge entrenched mindsets and understand what really matters from a business, political and regulatory perspective.

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Peter Lorange Chairman, CEO & Founder
Per Lorange Head of Deal Wall
Lizzie Ellis Executive Assistant & Special Projects
Karin Mugnaini President & COO
Frode Lervik Head of Finance & Legal
Marc Chauvet Editor
Dmitry Udovik Development & Infrastructure
Oleg Chernykh Product & Design

Biography Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange

Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange is Chairman and CEO of the Lorange Network, which he founded in 2017 to provide business knowledge digitally and a networked community for company owners, entrepreneurial families and larger private investors.

He was formerly owner and President of the Lorange Institute of Business. Prof. Dr. Lorange is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a highly diversified family office with over 25 investment activities, after having sold his shipping company in 2006.

He is also regarded as one of the world's most foremost business school academics. 


The Lorange Network was founded by Dr. Peter Lorange as a legacy of his own career as a family business owner, his own lifelong learning and practice of academic excellence, and through a deep desire to keep learning, keep sharing best practice and bringing cutting edge insights and knowledge to individuals or families interested in learning and doing business together.

Family Business: Prof. Lorange was involved in his own family business S. Ugelstad, founded in 1929 until 2006 when he sold the business and started his own Family Office. Executive Education: for 15 years, Prof. Lorange held the position as President of IMD, one of Europe’s leading business schools based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

During his tenure the school reached the top business school rankings worldwide and is an outstanding example of Prof. Lorange’s capacity of building businesses efficiently and always through flat and direct hierarchies.


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