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Lorange Network brings you cutting-edge Insights from academic and leading industry contributors through its platform and app. Our Deal Wall provides Members with co-investment opportunities for new startups and funds, vetted and evaluated by seasoned investors.
Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange
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Short, practical Insights and exchange with leading global academic and business contributors and like-minded peers via your PC, tablet or smartphone

Lorange Network topics focus on the following 4 themes
Cutting edge issues for Family Business Management
Cutting edge issues
for Family Business
Social Entrepreneurship/Impact Investing
Social Entrepreneurship/
Impact Investing
Best practice for Wealth Management
Best practice for
Wealth Management
Next Generation/Talent Development/Succession
Next Generation/
Talent Development/
Deal wall for Members to post and participate
in co-investment opportunities
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Lorange Network Key Facts

Time saving Time-saving Content

Lorange Network’s short, succinct and neutral Insights save you time. No need to keep reading multiple and lengthier publications, reports and studies. Our cutting-edge Insights give you the essentials each week.

Leading contributors Leading Contributors

Lorange Network’s Contributors are all personally selected by Dr. Peter Lorange, and are thought leaders in their fields of academic research, business or investment practice.

Complementary Complementary Information

Lorange Network fits conveniently into your busy, daily schedules and is complementary to all investment and wealth management approaches you employ.

Debate and discussion among peers and experts Discussions Among
Peers and Contributors

Through the Chat and Discussion functions, you can broaden your horizons with queries, debate and dialogue with our Contributors and other Members.

Relevant content Relevant Content

Lorange Network anticipates current topics and trends that are important to your business from its own research as well as from feedback by Members and Contributors. Each Insight concludes with 3 critical questions to stimulate thinking and decision making.

Digital knowledge transfer Digital Knowledge Transfer

Lorange Network offers Webinars, Deal wall Q&A sessions and pre-consulting services through the Ask Peter Lorange and Ask the Community features. We have brought traditional executive education into the digital space to better serve you.

Focused insights Occasional Exclusive Events

Through our Webinar and face-to-face events, Lorange Network organizes exclusive gatherings to provide additional occasions for exchange and networking.

An Introduction
Dr. Peter Lorange
Dr. Peter Lorange
The purpose: To improve performance!
Our mission is to provide a safe learning and deal sharing Community for business owners, larger private investors and entrepreneurial founders
An Introduction by Dr. Peter Lorange

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Lorange Network truly independent?
Yes. The Lorange Network is owned by its founder and Chairman, Dr. Peter Lorange, and is 100% independent of all banks, advisors and financial institutions. The network is run as a family business for family business. If any investment reflections are posted on the platform, these postings are marked as such in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Members who suggest co-investment opportunities in which they themselves are investors, Lorange Network does not make any recommendations.
How do I recommend the Lorange Network to my colleagues and peers?
Simply click on the “Recommend a friend” button when you are in the Members section. They will receive an invitation to our home page, where they can also apply for membership.
Can non-members see who are Members?
No. Access is exclusive to Members and is personal. We do encourage you to invite your family members, colleagues and peers.
Can I post questions anonymously?
Yes. We do however suggest that you engage actively to enhance your learning experience. Using your identity can help.
What is the membership fee?
Basic membership is free. Premium membership is USD 500 per person per year. If you are interested in multiple Premium memberships, you can contact us at contact@lorangenetwork.com do discuss company membership programs.
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The Lorange Network - Business School of the Future
Dr. Peter Lorange
by Dr. Peter Lorange
The Importance of Networking
Dr. Peter Lorange
by Dr. Peter Lorange
From Idea to Success
Dr. Peter Lorange
by Dr. Peter Lorange
Agility, Flexibility and Adaptability
Dr. Peter Lorange
by Dr. Peter Lorange
Interview on Radio Interview on Radio May 17, 2018

On May 17, 2018, Peter Lorange, Chairman and CEO of Lorange Network gave an interview on Bloomberg Radio. This brought up several issues that also tend to be covered in the Lorange Network briefings.

The establishment of the Lorange Network came about as an extension
of what Dr. Lorange did for himself when it came to the successful management of his portfolio after the sale of his shipping company. This was namely to ask various experts from his broad network to given him…

Finansavisen EnglishNorway December 30, 2017
Shifter English (translation)Article January 28, 2018

Lorange Network's Deal Wall brought Bookis.com its recently fully subscribed funding success. The Deal Wall on the Lorange Network platform and app enables Premium Members to look for co-investors. Thanks to new investors on board, Norway's start-up Bookis is now ready for further growth in the online book retail business.

Finansavisen EnglishNorway January 28, 2017
Interview Interview March 23, 2018

Listening is the most important skill of the future. That's according to Professor Peter Lorange, chairman of Lorange Network. In conversation with CNNMoney Switzerland's Amanda Kayne, Lorange explains why employers need to break with tradition and start looking for employees with unconventional career paths.

Article Article September 11, 2018

One year since its launch, Lorange Network, a platform and app for family offices, private investors and family businesses, now counts 200 members and circa 70 contributing experts. The Network foused on continuous learning, listening and exchange, has now launched a «Deal wall» to enable its members to look for co-investors.

Article Article September, 2019

The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. And it offers investment opportunities that can be very rewarding if you apply the strategy that is suited to your liquidity levels, says economist Peter Lorange. He explains how in this interview.