Lorange Network Events

Lorange Network organizes several special Events each year for its Members. These typically entail a presentation or discussion by a leading business figure, and are often moderated by another business leader, along with Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange. Most Events offer participants a networking occasion after the presentation, discussion and Q&A session. These Events reinforce Lorange Network's focus on continuous learning, sharing and networking for business performance success.
Previous Event Speakers
Ringstad Vartdal
CEO and CFO of
Golden Ocean Management
Lilla Sølhusvik
The journalist and author
Carl Elsener Jr.
CEO of Victorinox
Thomas Schmidheiny
Chairman and founder of
Spectrum Value Management
Riiber Knudsen
Berit Svendsen
Vipps, Head of International
Expansion and Adjunct Executive
in Residence at the Norwegian
Business School
Manuel Ebner
Country Executive at Bank of
America Merrill Lynch
Eric Sarasin
Chairman of Singularity Group,
Founder of Crypto Finance
Conference, Board member of 1875
Finance, Entrepreneur in Residence
of White Sail Consulting AG
Dennis Jönsson
former President and CEO of
Tetra Pak
Silvio Napoli
Executive Chairman of the
Board of Directors, Schindler
Johan H. Andresen
Owner and Chairman of Ferd,
Chairman of Ferd Social
Entrepreneurs AS
Previous Lorange Network Roundtables
Startups with Nicolas Berg, Serial Entrepreneur, in Zurich
Reputation Risk and Management with the Royal Norwegian Consulate,
Leidar SA, and Knut Haanæs, in Geneva
Wealth Preservation and Investments with Industrie- und Finanzkontor
Lichtenstein, in Zurich
Photos from our venues