Roundtable: Blitzscaling

April 28th, Wednesday
Central European Time 17:00 (8 AM PST / 11 AM EST)

Blitzscaling has been gaining increased attention in the world of startups and investing, yet is often seen as controversial due to its intense emphasis on speed. Learn about this growing phenomenon from three Blitzscaling experts. In this Roundtable, we will hear about Blitzscaling in comparison to several other scaling strategies (classic startup growth, classic scaleup growth, fastscaling). We will discuss their approaches and knowhow so entrepreneurs, investors and other business leaders can consider whether this growth in a compressed time frame technique can make sense for your company or portfolio. We will cover Blitzscaling as an offensive and defensive strategy, competitive advantages and positive feedback loops and the massive risks involved with this high-growth, high-impact type of entrepreneurship.
Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of Blitzscaling, the book that explains how to build world-changing companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Airbnb in record time.
A writer, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris has had a ringside seat in the world of startups and scaleups since 1995. His books help founders, venture capitalists, corporate leaders, policymakers, and everyday people better understand how the internet has changed the way we work together to build amazing organizations.
Hundreds of companies, from garage-dwelling startups to Fortune 50 titans have tapped his knowledge and insights to accelerate and transform their businesses.

Jeff Abbott

Jeff Abbott is a corporate innovator and operating executive turned venture builder, entrepreneur and investor.
Jeff Abbott founded and scaled the Tienda Mabe, Latin America’s largest online appliance store, by applying the principles of Blitzscaling within GE Appliances. He is the co-founder and CEO of Global Scaling Academy and a Founding Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures.
Jeff Abbott holds a BA from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a Master of International Management Degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Scott M Johnson

Scott is an early-stage technology venture capital investor with a specialty in online advertising, e-commerce, and enterprise software. He particularly likes frictionless business models, and to eliminate process inefficiency and find opportunity in automation.
He is a Founding Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures and a Managing Director at New Atlantic Ventures. Prior to co-founding NAV.VC and its predecessor, DFJ New England, he oversaw the east coast investments for Cambridge Technology Capital Fund, the venture capital arm of global system integrator, Cambridge Technology Partners.

Sean Hinton

Sean Hinton is the Founder & CEO of SkyHive, as well as the Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurs Circle of the Canadian American Business Council (CABC). With a career spanning two decades, Sean is an experienced corporate CEO and an expert in labor economics and global business. Today, Sean is a recognized thought leader and innovator, having invented an emerging methodology called Quantum Labor Analysis that produces break-through knowledge on labor markets and insights on the changing nature of work. He is regularly invited to speak at conferences across the world and interviewed by leading institutions and media outlets globally.

In June 2020, Sean was invited by the Government of Canada to join the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), one of the most extensive collaborations on AI policy and the first international standard for AI.

Dr. Peter Lorange

Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange is Chairman and CEO of the Lorange Network, which he founded in 2017 to provide business knowledge digitally and a networked community for company owners, entrepreneurial families and larger private investors.

He was formerly owner and President of the Lorange Institute of Business. Prof. Dr. Lorange is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a highly diversified family office with over 25 investment activities, after having sold his shipping company in 2006.

He is also regarded as one of the world's most foremost business school academics.

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