Future of Business / Investing in Growth:Finding Good Investmentswith Jeremy Deal and NinaPortier Reinhart

September 1st, Tuesday
Central European Time 15:00

Join us for an online dialogue with two leading investment experts, Jeremy Deal and Nina Portier Reinhart, who will share their perspectives on investing for growth, the future of business, investment trends and areas that may be considered future-proof. You will have a chance to ponder and discuss how to “reimagine the business of business”, driven by impulses from the investment world.
This event is already over. If you want to receive the video/audio files, please write a request to contact@lorangenetwork.com
Jeremy Deal

Jeremy launched JDP Capital Management in 2011 with personal capital and the backing of two families. His journey to becoming a money manager started with 10 years of business experience—first at Honeywell International, and then at an electronics engineering and manufacturing start-up that was sold to private equity.
Today JDP is a vehicle for like-minded families to invest alongside JDP in publicly traded growth companies with the goal of compounding generational wealth without leverage.

Nina Portier Reinhart

Nina is Co-Founder & Managing Director of Reinhart Capital. She invests with Angels, VCs and Family Offices in Swiss and European ICT B2B startups such as mobile payment system Paycash(acquired by Daimler) or seafood trading marketplace Procsea. She is the first Angel from a Horizon 2020 country to receive a matching co-investment agreement with the European Angel Fund. Nina served on the Board of the fastest growing Swiss Angel Club SICTIC where she is now an Advisor.

Nina has extensive international experience in business development, strategy, transformation and executive coaching in the US, Europe and Latin America. Before becoming an Angel, she worked at UBS, Nestlé and Frogdesign (acquired by Flextronics). A non-linear thinker, she earned a Master Degree in Anthropology and an MBA.

Dr. Peter Lorange

Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange is Chairman and CEO of the Lorange Network, which he founded in 2017 to provide business knowledge digitally and a networked community for company owners, entrepreneurial families and larger private investors.

He was formerly owner and President of the Lorange Institute of Business. Prof. Dr. Lorange is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a highly diversified family office with over 25 investment activities, after having sold his shipping company in 2006.

He is also regarded as one of the world's most foremost business school academics.