Single Family OfficeSoftware Solutions -selecting, implementing andoperating suitable software

March 30th, Tuesday
Central European Time 15:00

Simon R. Minder​

In August 2020, Simon founded M76 to provide holistic and independent advice to families, single and multi-family offices.

Before, Simon has been in the family office business for over 15 years and has been working in the financial sector for over 25 years. Among other things, he was a member of the executive board and the COO of a multi-family office in Zurich. At the same time, he served as an investment committee member in a single family office, which he continues to serve in his current role.

Simon holds a BBA with a major in accounting and controlling, MAS and MBA in management.

Milko Benc

As an internationally experienced Senior Business Manager, Milko advises companies in finding solutions for business issues and implement appropriate measures. Milko’s special focus areas are the development of new business strategies and concepts, restructuring business units, profit optimization and developing of business solutions.

Milko has 25 years’ experience in family office, legal entity management, retail and e-commerce. He has gone through all company levels, from Department Head, Division Manager, Director up to Managing Director in international well-known companies.

Before becoming Co-Founder at Orca AG, Milko worked for the Hasso Plattner Family Office in Potsdam. As Director Operations, Milko successfully implemented new software solutions and developed a legal entity management system, which is one of the core applications now.

Tomas Hurcik

Tomas is Co-Founder and CEO of Orca AG. Founded in Feb 2017, Orca is a Swiss software & services company made up of 3 experienced co-founders, 5 dedicated, talented team members and many renowned advisors, including:

  • Steve Micallef - ex-head of cyber security @ UBS,
  • Lonnie Howell - ex-founder and CEO @ EFG Bank (Switzerland’s 5th largest private bank), and
  • Mitch Hatscher - first UX designer @ Google in Zurich.

      Orca helps entrepreneurs, family offices, law firms, trust firms, investment firms and banks to securely aggregate, organise and share all the important, sensitive information needed to discuss wealth structuring, succession planning, tax and compliance. This proprietary software offering is actively used by clients ranging from affluent to some of the largest single family offices in the world, from solo operators or 1-2 person teams to corporations with tens of thousands of employees, and from wealth owners to specialist advisors.

      Unlike many other software in this domain, Orca was built with zero-knowledge encryption to ensure that client data can never be accessed by anyone other than themselves. Neither Orca nor any unwanted 3rd party can see or obtain client data.

Martin Stadler

Martin Stadler is the CEO of Altoo AG. Having previously worked at UBS AG, he has over 20 years of international wealth management experience in various roles, advising UHNW clients and family offices out of St. Gallen, Singapore and Zurich.

Since founding Altoo in December 2017, he and his team of 24 employees have developed a unique technology that enables wealthy individuals and their family offices to consolidate and interact intuitively with their total wealth.

Their solution goes beyond data aggregation and reporting: it is a secure digital home for wealth data, including bankable and non-bankable assets and all related documents and information, carefully designed to make daily use intuitive and to help understand and manage the most important and complex aspects of a family's wealth.

With the Altoo Wealth Platform, they now serve clients from 14 different countries, offering them "simplicity for complex wealth» with a proprietary technology produced, hosted and residing only in Switzerland.

Dr. Peter Lorange

Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange is Chairman and CEO of the Lorange Network, which he founded in 2017 to provide business knowledge digitally and a networked community for company owners, entrepreneurial families and larger private investors.

He was formerly owner and President of the Lorange Institute of Business. Prof. Dr. Lorange is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a highly diversified family office with over 25 investment activities, after having sold his shipping company in 2006.

He is also regarded as one of the world's most foremost business school academics.

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