Investor Get-together:Sustainable Agri-Investing

February 23rd, Tuesday
Central European Time 10:00

Join our upcoming Investor Get-together featuring three distinctive opportunities to co-invest in sustainable agri-businesses. The three companies featured - NaturaYuva, Tango Seaweed and Gaia Grow System - build on business models that are regenerative for the earth, while offering profit possibilities and trajectories from an investor standpoint.
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Arko Chatterjee

Arko Chatterjee is an international agribusiness executive turned founder, having spent over ten years in crop protection, seeds and Agtech businesses (four years at Syngenta) beforefounding his own agri-business, NaturaYuva AG, based out of Basel. NaturaYuva aims to rejuvenate the category of botanicals /natural ingredients by developing organic farming protocols of medicinal and aromatic plants and subsequent ecological extraction processes to produce niche natural ingredients. The NaturaYuva business model also offers significant environmental and social impact such as fair wages and soil regeneration.

Annelise Chapman

Annelise Chapman - is CEO and co-founder of TANGO Seaweed, a company dedicated to seaweed cultivation for food purposes and associated competence development. She holds a PhD in marine science and coastal ecology. Before founding TANGO Seaweed, she has worked on research questions related to coastal marine ecology, water quality research, marine environmental sustainability, and novel ways of using ocean resources.

Hasse Göth

Hans Göth, Founder, CEO and Serial Entrepreneur. Hasse(Hans) has successfully lived worked and introduced biotech and medical tech inventions on both the Swedish and Australian marketplaces. He has also lived and worked in Hanoi, Vietnam and Seattle, USA.

Per Lorange

Per Lorange is the Head of Deal Wall and Co-Investment Opportunities at the Lorange Network, and the managing director of S. Ugelstad Invest, an international family office. He is also managing director for a real-estate company, Christiania Eiendomsselskap, and a mentor at the University of Southern Norway (USN).