Investor Get-together: Techfor health and sustainability

July 2nd, Thursday
Central European Time 10:00

Join our upcoming Investor Get-together featuring co-investment opportunities presented by four highly innovative companies geared toward fostering increased consumer awareness, more healthy choices and better living.
Arko Chatterjee

Arko Chatterjee is an international agribusiness executive turned founder, having spent over ten years in crop protection, seeds and Agtech businesses (four years at Syngenta) beforefounding his own agri-business, NaturaYuva AG, based out of Basel. NaturaYuva aims to rejuvenate the category of botanicals /natural ingredients by developing organic farming protocols of medicinal and aromatic plants and subsequent ecological extraction processes to produce niche natural ingredients. The NaturaYuva business model also offers significant environmental and social impact such as fair wages and soil regeneration.

Julien Halnaut

Julien Halnaut is an experienced businessperson, founder and CEO. He has lead teams in seven different countries. He co-founded Qaveman three years ago, a high-quality Swiss natural skincare company for men. Qaveman is an online& data-driven skincare brand that does everything to make the life of men easier. Qaveman is the first Swiss skincare brand for men, and seeks to educate consumers and make skincare more accessible through both retail and digital online distribution.

Boris Manhart

Boris is the CEO of CodeCheck, which empowers millions of consumersto find healthier and more sustainable products. CodeCheck provides fast and accurate product information for retail and online consumers. With more than eight million downloads, CodeCheck is one of the favorite apps in the German B2C market besides Instagram, and is one of the most successful apps in its segment in Europe. Of all thefree apps in Germany in 2019, CodeCheck was three times the most downloaded app.As the co-founder of companies such as the unicorn Numbrs,Compresso, and the cosmetic brand Oylous, Boris has many years of experience as an entrepreneur, leading international teams, and scaling companies.

Niels Espersen

Niels Linde Espersen is founder of Kindmore AG since 2015, a privately held social impact investment company based out Switzerland. Kindmore is an active ownerand among very first investors in Mindmaze, Abionic, Perseus Biomics and Theratrak. Nielshas more than 15 years boardexperience(he is anMBAIMD graduate). HealthAdvisor, founded in 2019, seeks to help consumers and patients navigate through the jungle of online medical help resources, helping patients find the most trusted, highest quality online information and care solutions. The HealthAdvisor app and website isclose to befully operational, and the company is seeking further growth capital.

Per Lorange

Per Lorange is the Head of Deal Wall and Co-Investment Opportunities at the Lorange Network, and the managing director of S. Ugelstad Invest, an international family office. He is also managing director for a real-estate company, Christiania Eiendomsselskap, and a mentor at the University of Southern Norway (USN).

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Register for the Webinar