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Reinventing Family Enterprise After The Pandemic. How to emerge from the upheaval by Dennis T. Jaffe The Importance Of Separating Ownership And Management; 3 Steps To Get Families Started by Francois Botha Interview with Mirjam Staub-Bisang (MSB), CEO BlackRock Switzerland by Peter Lorange Impact Investing – What is new now? by Peter Lorange Lorange Network Roundtable - Single Family Office Solutions - selecting, implementing and operating suitable software, 30th March 2021 The Importance of Measuring Risk Continuously by Elisabetta Basilico Lorange Network Webinar: Bridging Generational Gaps, 11th February 2021 How to Ensure Leadership Succession in a Family Business by Naveen Khajanchi

Roundtable: Growth opportunities in Asia For many years, Asia has been considered a world growth engine. It continues today to be an area of outstanding growth opportunities both for Asian companies, from startups to corporates, as well as non-Asian. Our three remarkable panelists will share their experiences, perspectives and forecasts about investment in Asia markets and businesses, as well as how to seize opportunities based on the lifestyle upgrades, demographic changes and financial deepening that are all currently occurring in Asia. Many financial experts are forecasting steady growth for the next few years with more changes in the area of innovation, tech self-sufficiency, urbanization and the green economy.

Investments, Ascensions, responsibility and the importance of failures with Peter Brabeck

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